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[servicesbox style=”style3″ icon=”fa fa-car” title=”trevelez”]The leisure offer is varied and for all tastes, in addition, if you are looking for a closer look at the Alpujarra and the most beautiful places in the Sierra Nevada natural park, Trevélez is your starting point.

Hotel Restaurante La Fragua is situated in Trevélez village, located at the well-known National Park of Sierra Nevada and within the historical region of La Alpujarra. Trevélez is also known for its excellent hams, scenic beauties, strategic location within the region of La Alpujarra and also for being highest village in Spain. We put at your disposal two hotels equipped with all the services for a comfortable and pleasant stay and a restaurant where you can taste the typical cuisine of the Alpujarra and the most tasty and famous Mediterranean diet.[/servicesbox]

[servicesbox style=”style3″ icon=”fa fa-camera” title=”Beautiful landscapes”]Enjoy the tranquility that our natural environment offers away from the crowds and stress along with a varied gastronomic offer with a personal touch. We put at your disposal two hotels with all the services for a comfortable and pleasant stay and a restaurant where you can taste the typical cuisine of the Alpujarra and the most tasty and famous Mediterranean diet. Our leisure offer is varied and if you are looking to get to know La Alpujarra and the most beautiful places in the natural park of Sierra Nevada, Trevélez is your ideal starting point.[/servicesbox]
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The Alpujarra is a natural and historical region in Granada, on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada and the adjacent valley.
Its white villages have adapted to the ground by creating a swarm of winding and narrow stepped alleys, which give a special charm for the quiet and peaceful walk.
You can enjoy the beauty of its villages through both natural and historical perspective. Once you are in Trevélez, time seems to stop by nature and get you far away from stress and city life.
Our hotels are the perfect place to relax and enjoy our local gastronomy made with the best local products from our Mediterranean diet. Our Gastronomy also offers an Arabian dab due to the Moorish roots and, of course, the exceptional ham of Trevélez.


Hotel La Fragua is situated in Trevélez, one of the few places in Spain where the environment allows to cure ham through a natural process.  Trevélez is a small mountain village with about 900 inhabitants and it is very well known because of the ham but also known for having the highest peak in the Spanish Peninsula.

Trevélez is also well known for its beautiful landscapes that make you feel the fresh air of the purest nature. Trevélez is located at the National Park in Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada was formed during the Alpine Orogeny, a mountain-building event that also formed the European Alps to the east and the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa across the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

The Sierra as observed today formed during the Paleogene and Neogene Periods (66 to 1.8 million years ago) from the collision of the African and Eurasian continental plates. The flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada are unique.

Trevélez, such as the rest of the villages in La Alpujarra, shows Moorish roots through its architecture. The Arabian influence over Trevélez and other villages in La Alpujarra can be seen through the comparison of the Bereber architecture in the Moroccan Atlas and the Alpujarran architecture. Both architectures are similar, using the local natural resources in order to build solid stables houses.

Another great Arabian influence is the water system that Moorish designed in the XIII and XIV century AD in order to water the lands. They designed a very sophisticated aqueduct system around La Alpujarra and Granada that provided them with water during the year. Experts say that nowadays only the best engineers could design this aqueduct system. Other examples of the Arabian influences are the weaves typical from Morocco used to make carpets and Jarapas. Furthermore, the local recipes influenced by Arabian flavours, and the names of some villages also show the Arabian influence over Trevélez and the rest of the villages.

Trevélez sustains itself thanks to the tourism, the ham industry, and recently thanks to the agriculture. The ham industry in Trevélez is very important due to its influence in the local employment. Agriculture is also becoming an important element in Trevélez economy.

So, Hotel Restaurante La Fragua complements the tourist promotion with two hotels and a smart restaurant trying to keep the essence of the Alpujarra. We also contribute to preserve the local patrimony supporting the local culture and gastronomy.


Our Hotels and the restaurant at a glance through Google View.

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